Serenely Sorted allows you to give yourself or someone special the gift of serenity – and time.

With us spending more time than ever in our homes, it’s time to invest in them – and more importantly in ourselves.

The Serenely Sorted System enables busy people to minimise tidying and eliminate mess - for good.

Do your Serenity-Check

Do you want to give yourself or someone the gift of calm?

Do you want to avoid adding more clutter and wasteful gifts this year?

Do you know someone who could really do with more serenity in their lives?

 Is someone you know mess stressed?

If you, or someone you know feels like you spend your whole time tidying and finds it a drudgery it's time for the Gift of Serenity.

What you'll be giving with the Gift of Serenity

A life more serene and sorted.

The Steps to Serenity Self-Learning Courses teach you;

  • How to get back to tidy every day with minimum effort
  • Give yourself the gift of Serenity in your home – and live real life (including mess!)
  • How to set up End Homes and the system for long term success
  • Say goodbye to the drudgery of tidying through mindset and behavioural change

Each course has a different depth of content depending on the price and course length, but all are logically set up with;

  • Welcome Section and introduction from Diana Spellman, Founder
  • Get the Knowledge: Section power packed with the core system elements
  • Get Inspired: A wealth of resources to support your journey
  • Get Started: All courses contain the First Steps to Sorted and the full online course contains the Full Tookit to Sorted

Scroll down below to find out which option is right for you in starting your journey to a more serene life.

Steps to Serenity Self-learning courses include:

Video based learning

Professional video and slide content with full commentary by Diana

Facebook group for Q&A

Ability to ask questions and get feedback on course challenge via Facebook community

Inspiration library

Large volume of support material to gain further inspiration to get sorted


Full step-by-step Implementation toolkit with workbook to guide you through 

My Story

I'm Diana Spellman and this time last year I was mess stressed. I was working from home and I just couldn’t get away from the piles. I was in a cycle of ‘tidying up’ constantly, but what I was really doing was moving piles around, spending ages sorting things out, but every week I was back in the same place, resenting the time I spend tidying rather than on me, or with my family and friends.

But last Summer I decided I needed to change and I set about tackling my mess monster once and for all. I decided to apply my business background in systems, process and workflow to my home problem and realised that it wasn’t my stuff that was the issue: it was me and the way I behaved around my stuff.

By making some highly effective changes to the way I behaved, I started to see dramatic results quickly. I was not only reducing the time I spent tidying, I was eliminating mess. I created a method that is now called the Serenely Sorted System and changed my home once and for all.

What Serene Sorters say about learning the system

The Gift of Serenity Options

These courses are fully self-contained via online video and workbook learning.  You will receive a Gift Certificate to present to the lucky receiver (there are pdf or physical voucher options).

Taster Course

In ‘Let's Get Sorted!’ you'll learn the basics of the Serenely Sorted System, so you can get started on your journey to sorted. Through the challenge I set, you’ll be able to make a real difference which you can then take to other areas of your home.

Choose the taster course if you are not yet quite sure if it’s for you and want a taste!

Taster course (physical voucher) £12

Taster course (pdf voucher) £9

Fast Track to Sorted

The Fast Track to Sorted Power Bundle gives you the FULL details of everything  you need for Sorted Surfaces, with the Serenely Sorted System, and the Challenge Implementation guide. You’ll also get the workbook to support your first steps.

If you don’t have much time but are a self-starter who can implement without help, then this is for you. Also great if you want to maximise your content on a smaller budget.

Fast Track course (physical voucher) £29

Fast Track course (pdf voucher) £27

Complete Course

The full Sorted Surfaces System from start to finish.

This course is perfect to get the most out of the Serenely sorted System, including the full detail of how to implement it effectively in your home. All videos and course slides are included.

BONUS: From Piles to Smiles video guide and worksheets.

For those who want access to the full system, but can learn and put into action independently.

Complete course (physical voucher) £49

Complete course (pdf voucher) £47

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