Do you want to live a life more serene, and sort your house out for good?

Do you want a realistic approach, away from the perfection of social media?

Learn the Serenely Sorted System Online and you will say goodbye to the drudgery of tidying and mess stress, and finally be able to relax and enjoy your sorted home.

What you'll achieve in Quick Start to Sorted

Want to feel happier in your home?  Rid yourself of the drudgery of tidying and get out of the mess/tidy/mess/tidy cycle?  Learn the Complete Serenely Sorted System to rid yourself of mess stress - for good.

Learn the System

  • The Core System - what it is and how it works in a real home
  • Serene Space Dividers - what they are and how they ensure the system flows right
  • Real examples to demonstrate from my home

Launch the System 

  • First Steps to Sorted Toolkit and Challenge which enables you to set up your first End Home Zone and sort your first surface, after which you can tackle more
  • Set up End Homes and the system for long term success
  • Workbook to guide you through, step-by-step

Live the System

  • Feel serene in your home – while living real life
  • Get back to tidy every day with minimum effort
  • Say goodbye to the drudgery of tidying through mindset and behavioural change

The course gives you all the fundamentals of the system for you to implement around your home so you'll be living it - for good.

Learn the Serenely Sorted System Online includes:

Get the Knowledge

This section explains the fundamentals of the system and how it works in a real home, using examples.  You find out what makes a Space Divider Serene and how to spot them when shopping, including my list of what to buy first.

Get Inspired

Take a tour of the resources available in this course and elsewhere on my website and social media, that can help you get inspired as you take your steps to a serene, sorted life.

Get Started

The practical step-by-step toolkit for getting the Serenely Sorted System set up in your home, with the workbook to use as you go - at your pace.  We cover the First Steps to Sorted to sort your first surface and set up your End Home Zone.  

Course Workbook to keep you accountable and on-track throughout

All stages of courses fully supported by detailed, practical workbook to use as you Learn the system, Launch the system, and Live the system in your life and home.

What will the System do for me?

You will be free of  the daily debris sorted and able to get back to tidy, super fast.

You will feel calmer at home and rid yourself of mess stress once and for all.

You will have a serene home where you can still live life (including those toys!), but can back to tidy every day?

You will rid yourself of the drudgery of tidying - to a point where you hardly feel like you are tidying at all.

If you fear people ‘popping round’ because of the state of your home - fear no longer!

Who can benefit?

Mess Stressed Parents

There's so much going on, we can hardly catch our breath.  The kids toys just don't seem to go away, there's an endless 'pile' of stuff I just can't face sorting.  I know.  This was me!  The playroom was a hellhole and I just didn't want to go there.  But now, the toys are sorted, the kids rooms take less time to tidy than ever before - because they are organised by the Serenely Sorted System.  And it's not all me - the kids get involved too!

Busy People

Do you have a busy job, and not enough hours in the day?  Is tidying the last thing you want to do when you get home?  Are there a million other things you'd rather be doing, like a workout, seeing friends or, well, anything?

Holding down a busy, intense job, the last thing I wanted to do in my time off was tidy.  I resented it.  So using my corporate skills of workflow and process improvement, I created the Serenely Sorted System for myself - and now for you so that you can have what I now have.

Naturally Messy People

If you just can't seem to get tidy, despite huge efforts, you are just like I was.  I resented the time I spent tidying and just couldn't seem to get anywhere.  We all know those people who seem to have effortless, perfect homes, but for most of us, it's a drudgery.  After more than a year living the Serenely Sorted System, I know my inner messy person will never get out again!

Anyone who wants to rid themselves of the drudgery of tidying and live a more Serenely Sorted life free from mess stress.

Steps to Serenity online courses include:

Video based learning

Professional video and slide content with full commentary by Diana

Facebook group for Q&A

Ability to ask questions and get feedback on course challenge via Facebook community

Inspiration library

Large volume of support material to gain further inspiration to get sorted


Full step-by-step Implementation toolkit with workbook to guide you through 

Is it for me?

How will I get my family on board?

I know.  In my household, it was me that was the messy one, so I knew it was me that had to do something first.  Whether it's you or them, leading with the carrot not the stick works best.  Once you are through the First Steps to Sorted challenge, your family will already see the benefit.  They will feel the serenity.

But what about the kids?  I'm not pretending there's a magic formula that will transform them, but by taking the course with you, by using and reinforcing the easy-to-remember phrases from the system, they will get it.  

Watch this video of how different it is in my kids bedrooms since they've been Serenely Sorted.

Where on earth will I find the time to change?

I get it.  That was me.  In an endless cycle of tidying, piles sorting, pile joining to make mega-piles.  You just don't have the headspace to get out of it.

But you deserve to break that cycle.  It's just like a new way of eating to lose weight - it's an adjustment at first, you need to buy different food, cook differently, adjust to new tastes.  Perhaps even fit in an exercise plan. But the results are soooo worth it.  And after a while, you don't even notice the diet, you are just living a new, healthy lifestyle.

Living the Serenely Sorted System is the same.  Once you've learned and launched it, the living is easy!

I can't justify spending that amount on a tidying course!

Our homes are our biggest expenditure, whether we've bought or are renting.  Isn't it worth making our home the best it can be?  A serene and sorted home where we can relax, feel happy, away from mess and anxiety?

The pricetag of this course is minute to what we outlayed to get our homes.  Let's be proud of what's inside them.

Oh - and it's not a tidying course, it's a way of freeing you from the drudgery of tidying.

For good.

What's included in the 

Complete Learn the Serenely Sorted System Online Course?

ALL the course modules

✔️ Learn the system fundamentals

✔️ Meaning of the Serenely Sorted Soul

✔️ Why not all Space Dividers are Serene

✔️ What you should be looking for when buying

✔️ My basics kit and where to buy it

✔️ Serenely Sorted Inspiration Library

✔️First Steps to Sorted Step-by-Step Guide

✔️ Next Steps to Sorted

Worth £100!

Bonus #1: Exclusive Tutorials

A selection of additional videos ONLY available to those taking the complete course.

Deep Dive on End Homes 

Deep Dive on Serene Space Dividers

Deep Dive on Divide & Conquer

Worth £30!

Bonus #2: Academy Discount

If you decide to take things further and join the Serenely Sorted Academy you'll benefit from a 10% discount code

The Serenely Sorted Academy provides;

  • Full orientation to the programme
  • Enhanced materials to assist in launching the system into your home
  • Video guides demonstrating the concepts and how they are installed around my home
  • Monthly Q&A sessions to get your questions answered on learning, launching and living the system
  • The motivation and accountability that many of us need to fully embed new behaviours and a fresh mindset for long term success!
  • Three months membership to the support community

Worth £20!

Full Programme £100 + Exclusive Tutorials £30 + Academy Discount £20

= £150 worth of content

All this for just £47

I'm on a mission to help people who are mess stressed, too busy, or don't have the budget for more extensive programmes.

I want to help you get tidy, sorted for life.

I want you to have what I have.  

That's why I'm giving you all of this to enable you to get started and live a life serene and sorted.

My Story

I'm Diana Spellman and this time last year I was mess stressed. I was working from home and I just couldn’t get away from the piles. I was in a cycle of ‘tidying up’ constantly, but what I was really doing was moving piles around, spending ages sorting things out, but every week I was back in the same place, resenting the time I spend tidying rather than on me, or with my family and friends.

But last Summer I decided I needed to change and I set about tackling my mess monster once and for all. I decided to apply my business background in systems, process and workflow to my home problem and realised that it wasn’t my stuff that was the issue: it was me and the way I behaved around my stuff.

By making some highly effective changes to the way I behaved, I started to see dramatic results quickly. I was not only reducing the time I spent tidying, I was eliminating mess. I created a method that is now called the Serenely Sorted System and changed my home once and for all.

DIana Spellman

Founder, Serenely Sorted

The Realistic Home Organisation Expert

What Serene Sorters say about learning the system

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It's coming!  Launching March 2021, this is THE place to get Serenely Sorted for life, with all the tools, motivation and support you need.

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