This is the unique Serenely Sorted System

This is different.  This is unique.

The Serenely Sorted System is designed with you in mind.

The system that's designed to make your home tidier, in less time than ever before.

You find tidying a drudgery.  You want to do it less - but still have a great looking home.

You want something realistic, that won't have you labeling and sorting endlessly, that has you getting back to tidy without it even feeling like tidying any more.

You might be in a mess/tidy/mess/tidy loop or see endless piles wherever you go in your home.

This is The Serenely Sorted System, designed with you in mind.

This is transformation

This is how to love your home (again)

Our home is the biggest spend of our lives whether it’s rent or mortgage and when we move in, we have that tingling feeling like we do when we enter a hotel room, that feeling of polish, tidiness, serenity.
After years or even decades in the same home, it can begin to lose that – because everything gets a bit disorganised, perhaps overwhelming, or we just don’t have time to get it really sorted.

Joining The Serenely Sorted Academy is going to change all those things.

You'll get back to tidy super fast, without it feeling like tidying.
You'll never lose things to the pile again.
You'll eliminate mess and reduce time spent tidying.
You'll feel serene - that aaaaah moment at the end of the day, when you're back to tidy and can relax after a busy day.

This is for YOU

Whether you are very busy, overwhelmed, or just simply want to sort your home out for the long term, the academy is for you. 

Mess Stressed Parents

There's so much going on, we can hardly catch our breath!  The kids toys just don't seem to go away, there's an endless 'pile' of stuff you just can't face sorting.  I know.  This was me!  The playroom was a hellhole and I just didn't want to go there.  But now, the toys are sorted, the kids rooms take less time to tidy than ever before - because they are organised by the Serenely Sorted System. 

Overwhelmed, busy People!

Are you overwhelmed by the amount that needs doing but just can't work out how to get it done? Is tidying the last thing you want to do when you get home?  Are you stressed and can't see light at the end of the tunnel?

Holding down a busy, intense job, the last thing I wanted to do in my time off was tidy.  I resented it.  With the Serenely Sorted System, you'll spend less time tidying than ever before.

Naturally Messy People

If you just can't seem to get tidy, despite huge efforts, you are just like I was.  We all know those people who seem to have effortless, perfect homes, but for most of us, it's a drudgery.  After more than a year living the Serenely Sorted System, I know my inner messy person will never get out again!

The Academy is for anyone who wants to transform their life and home for the long term.

Anyone who wants to get tidy in less time.

This is THE system designed using business skills to do it more efficiently, in less time, but still to high quality.

This is for YOUR lifestyle

Short, snappy video guides

Designed to give you what you need, fast, without waffle and extra padding.

Live orientation and Q&As

The live orientation from Diana enables you to plan YOUR journey, with regular Q&As to ensure you are on track

Planning Library

Workbooks and a toolkit to ensure you can implement your way

Goal Setting

Email reminders to help you focus and keep on track - one month and three month options

This is for YOUR life

I want something that will work for the whole family

In my household, it was me that was the messy one, so I knew it was me that had to do something first.  Whether it's you or them, leading with the carrot not the stick works best.  Once you are through the First Steps to Sorted challenge, your family will already see the benefit.  They will feel the serenity.

Getting the whole household involved is covered in The Serenely Sorted Academy.

I want something that won't take hours and hours to learn

I get it.  That was me.  In an endless cycle of tidying, piles sorting, pile joining to make mega-piles.  You just don't have the headspace to get out of it - or the time to do it.

That's why I've designed this programme for you.  

Without the overwhelm.  You learn in bitesize chunks and set up each part of the system one-by-one so that it doesn't take all your time or turn your house upside down in the process!

I want real value for money that will last and last!

How much does your home cost you every month in rent or mortgage?  Don't you deserve to love living in every room?  The price tag of this course is minute compared to what we spent to get our homes.  Let's be proud of what's inside them.  

Since implementing The Serenely Sorted System into my life and home, I spend less time tidying than ever before, yet my home is tidier than ever.

This course is unbelievable value for the transformations you see in your life and home.

What's included in The Serenely Sorted Academy?

All the steps to learning, launching and living The Serenely Sorted System into your home, delivered in a way that will fit into your lifestyle.


All this for the all inclusive price of £197!

This is The Serenely Sorted Academy.

The UNIQUE Serenely Sorted System.

The practical, realistic, achievable, sustainable system.

Learning supported by me at a pace that's right for you.

ALL of the practical guides to launch the system around your home.

Learn It. Launch It. LIVE IT. LOVE IT.

I'm on a mission to help people who are find tidying a drudgery, who are mess stressed, or overwhelmed.  

I want to help you get tidy, sorted for life.

I want you to have what I have.  

A serene sorted life - no nagging voice in my head or anxiety in my home where I have eliminated a lot of my mess for good and spend less time tidying than ever before.

This is Being Serenely Sorted

Don't just take my word for it.

There is a tribe of Serene Sorters around the world who have learned the system, launched it into their homes, and are now living it - and LOVING it.  

Join them.

My Story

I'm Diana Spellman and back in the Summer of 2019 I was mess stressed. I was working from home and I just couldn’t get away from the piles. I was in a cycle of ‘tidying up’ constantly, but what I was really doing was moving piles around, spending ages sorting things out, but every week I was back in the same place, resenting the time I spend tidying rather than on me, or with my family and friends.

But I decided I needed to change and I set about tackling my mess monster once and for all. I applied my business background in systems, process and workflow to my home problem and realised that it wasn’t my stuff that was the issue: it was me and the way I behaved around my stuff.

By making some highly effective changes to the way I behaved, I started to see dramatic results quickly. I was not only reducing the time I spent tidying, I was eliminating mess. I created a method that is now called the Serenely Sorted System and changed my home once and for all.